Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am so excited! Mommy keeps telling me that her mommy is coming to see me this weekend! You know that she is the Mommy to Tyler. Sometimes he and I don't get along, especially when we are inside. He likes to get in my space and I like to get in his. When we are outside though, we love to run and chase each other around the yard. Mommy says that Tyler may not come with her Mommy b/c her Daddy (Pop)isn't coming. Something about deer season. I don't know anything about this deer season thing but Mommy says that she has shown me some that are hanging on the wall in Atmore! Apparently Pop and Uncle Stewart like to go out in the woods and hunt the elusive deer. When they kill a big one, they hang it on the wall at their house. I've smelled the meat cooking and it sure does smell good. Maybe one day, I'll be good enough to get to go hunting with Daddy. I hear that sometimes my cousin Cuna gets to go with Uncle Stewart and Aunt Maya and she is really good. Maybe if I'm good, when I grow up, Daddy will take me.



Maggie said...
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Maggie said...


There are deer at my Grandma's house in Leeds and I love to smell them. Papaw takes me out to trail them. Maybe you can go with me one day! I love going to Grandma's!