Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ho Ho

I have been so busy since Christmas that I have not had time to update my blog, but I am going to try and keep it more current. The picture you see is me and my "ho ho". This is the bestest blanket in the whole wide world. I love to snuggle with it, suck on it, and sleep with it. I get nervous when mommy takes it away to wash it. I just know I will never see it again. Somehow it keeps getting new holes in it. Mommy and daddy are going to Gatlinburg for a wedding, and I am not getting to go, but I will try to update you on my trip to camp while they are gone.

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Maggie said...

Hi Bear! Glad to see that you updated your blog. Guess what - I have a new little brother. Noah will be 1 month old tomorrow. You can see pictures of him on my blog. I have a new fence for my backyard - Mommy really wants you to come and play one day. Check with your family to see when would be a good time and let me know! ~Maggie